SR Landscape Architecture is an ambitious design practice, nurturing a conscientious team of like-minded Landscape Architects.
We specialise in the creation of people-focussed places that provide connections to nature whilst seeking to combat climate change, enhance biodiversity and improve health and wellbeing.
We pride ourselves on delivering projects throughout all design stages and building long-lasting working relationships with clients.

Our Core Values


Every landscape has its own vernacular that has been shaped by both the people and the nature that inhabits it. We seek to explore every project individually to ensure we create meaningful and lasting places for people and nature.


At SR-LA, our team thrives on taking a wide range of projects from concept through to completion, however we are frequently involved in projects at early, mid or late stages. We have proven experience in delivering projects at all stages of the design process.


Our client base is built on trust acquired from the successful input and delivery of past projects which we have been involved with. We strive to retain meaningful working relationships through providing our clients with high-quality professional services and listening to their requirements.


Based in North Worcestershire, SR Landscape Architecture provide landscape architectural design services through all stages of the design process.
Each project carries its own individual context, ecology, people and vernacular therefore we treat each site with this in mind. Our core values are always at the forefront of our minds to inspire and inform our work.

We also offer our clients a single point of contact for wider environmental services such as Ecology, Arboriculture and Landscape Planning through our collaborative network of sub-consultants.
"you need something to sit on and something to look at"
Jeppe Aagaard Andersen's answer to Sam's question, whilst a student, on what makes for good landscape architecture


Landscape architectural design is our core service, providing input from initial feasibility, strategies and visions through the planning and tender stages to construction stage and completion.

Both rural and urban projects are part of our core work focus, ranging from rural housing to inner city mixed use development.

We pride ourselves on producing high quality designs for projects of all budgets and sizes. We have proven experience on projects with landscape budgets ranging from £20k to £1m+


To ensure a coordinated and efficient approach to each project, Ecology, Arboriculture and Landscape Planning services can be provided alongside our core services, through close collaboration with our sub-consultancy network.


Supporting services include:

  • Project Management
  • Landscape Management Plans
  • 3D Visualisation and Modelling
  • Masterplan and Green Infrastructure
  • Community Engagement
  • SuDS Design Input
  • Site Appraisal

Selected Projects

Watford Town Wall, Hertfordshire
Client: Morgan Sindall Construction (Watford Borough Council)
Architect: Holmes Miller
Project Value (Landscape): Circa £250k
Project Completion: 2025

Watford Town Hall, a landmark to be delivered by SRLA, exemplifies innovative landscape architecture within an urban context. The rejuvenated public space surrounding the grade II listed Town Hall seamlessly combines modern design elements with historical significance. SRLA's thoughtful approach incorporates a vibrant cafe terrace, pedestrian-friendly accessible routes, and refined planting areas, fostering a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

This transformative project reflects our commitment to creating dynamic environments that enhance community engagement, blending heritage with contemporary urban living in the heart of Watford.


  • Design inherited at RIBA stage 3 (original design by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios)
  • RIBA stages 4,5&6 undertaken as part of the main contractor's design and build design team.



  • Client/Developer - Watford Borough Council
  • Project Manager - Mace
  • Contractor - Morgan Sindall Construction
  • Architect - Holmes Miller and FCBS
  • Civil Engineer - BCAL Consulting
  • Structural Engineer - BCAL Consulting

Selected Projects

The Boxing Academy, Hackney, London
Client: McLaren Construction (Department for Education/Hackney Boxing Academy)
Architect: Holmes Miller
Project Value (Landscape): Undisclosed
Project Completion: Planning Submission Q1 2024

The new facility for Hackney Boxing Academy incorporates a new courtyard space into the new building's fabric, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space adjacent to the dining hall. Adjacent to this are sloping raised planters to incorporate planting whilst providing protection from the adjacent ball games area. Our landscape design accentuates the academy's dynamic spirit, seamlessly intertwining robust planting with usable and playable space. Throughout the outdoor spaces, meticulously planned courtyard and interactive zones are experienced, echoing the precision of a well-choreographed boxing match.

The BIM methodology adopted by this project underpins the project's efficiency and aligns with DfE requirements, along with reference to the relevant area guidance in BB104. SRLA's commitment to innovation and functionality shines through in this project, creating an environment where form truly meets function.


  • Currently at RIBA Stage 3
  • RIBA Stage 4-6 from 2024-on



  • Client/Developer - DfE / Hackney Boxing
  • Contractor - McLaren Construction
  • Architect - Holmes Miller
  • Civil & Structural Engineer - Haydn Evans
  • BIM Coordinator - Ridge
  • Arboriculturist - Middlemarch

Selected Projects

Cedar Lodge, Whitchurch-on-Thames, South Oxfordshire
Client: Zephyr X
Architect: DWA Architects
Contractor: J Guest Ltd
Project Value (Landscape): £30k
Project Completion: Mid 2024

Cedar Lodge, formerly known as Eastfield House, stands as an exemplar of compassionate design by SRLA for Zephyr X.

This care home project showcases our dedication to enhancing the lives of residents through thoughtful landscape planning and design. Our revision of the previously consented landscape scheme prioritises the specific needs of future occupants, particularly those with dementia. The garden redesign focuses on sensory interactions, creating an environment that elevates both visual and olfactory experiences through specifically designed planting arrangements in each of the garden areas.

With a commitment to well-being, Cedar Lodge emerges as a testament to SRLA's vision—crafting spaces that not only provide care but also enrich the quality of life for those within.


  • From RIBA stage 3
  • Currently at RIBA Stage 4/5



  • Client/Developer - Zephyr X
  • Contractor - J Guest
  • Architect - DWA
  • Planning Consultant - Westbournes
  • Arboriculturist - Aspect

Selected Projects

Polvellan Manor, Looe, Cornwall
Client: Polvellan Looe Ltd
Architect: Poynton Bradbury Wynter Cole Architects
Project Value (Landscape): TBD
Project Completion: 2026

SRLA have undertaken Pre-App planning discussions with Cornwall Council to seek a collaborative and positive solution for development of the Polvellan Manor site. Following previous planning applications on the site, SRLA are seeking to ensure the development harmonizes with lush green surroundings, creating a picturesque haven. SRLA are undertaking site analysis of the complex topography and existing trees on site through three dimensional modelling.

With a commitment to sustainable Landscape Architecture, Polvellan Manor stands as a testament to SRLA's dedication to enriching environments, blending history and nature in a unique and inviting community.


  • Currently at RIBA Stage 2
  • RIBA Stage 3-6 from 2024-2026



  • Client/Developer - Polvellan Looe Ltd
  • Contractor - TBC
  • Architect - PBWC
  • Ecologist - CEC Environmental
  • Arboriculturist - TBC

Selected Projects

Private Garden
Wrotham Rd, Gravesend
Client: Mr Bennett
Project Value (Landscape): Circa £50k
Project Completion: 2024

SRLA were approached by the client to look at designing a private garden situated near Gravesend on a half acre plot. The garden is a steeply sloping site falling from the house to the rear end of the garden. Through initial discussions with the client, we worked though the initial options and a series of 'themed' terraces were developed. An outdoor kitchen immediately off the kitchen, this led down to a Mediterranean terrace with a reflection pool and hot tub, finally a Japanese Zen garden at the lowest point being sheltered by the gabion boundary for a secluded space.


  • Undertaken RIBA Stages 0-4
  • Currently at RIBA Stage 5



  • Client/Developer - Mr Bennett
  • Architect - Mark Carter

Meet the Senior Team

Samuel Roberts

Landscape Architect & Director

07960 254 099

Sam is a Chartered Landscape Architect with over 12 years experience in practice.

Sam has oversight of all and leads many of the projects SRLA are involved with.

Curriculum Vitae

Robyn Roberts

Office Manager & Director

Robyn is an experienced office manager with over 14 years experience running SME businesses.

Robyn ensures the efficient running of the business behind the scenes.

Richard Barclay

Richard is a Chartered Landscape Architect with over 30 years experience in practice.

Richard provides invaluable expertise on projects, drawn from his extensive experience.

Consultant Team Support

We have a dedicated team of Landscape Architects and specialist sub-consultants.

Our specialists provide integral support for our wider services and project-specific support as required.

Current Vacancies

As we continue to expand our practice and take on new projects, we are always looking to build relationships with like-minded people. Our ideal candidates are passionate about creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, possess strong communication and problem-solving skills, and have a solid understanding of design principles and construction techniques. If you have experience in site analysis, conceptual design, detail design, construction documentation and project management, we would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch to learn more about current vacancies and how to apply.

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